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What is preventing Xbox 360 games in delivering PS3 visuals?

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 18/Oct/2009
Gears of War was the first game to really raise the bar visually this generation. A lot of gamers who played the game back in 2006 said that's how next gen games should look like. The game's great visual effects and high resolution textures made those gamers say OH SHIT many times. Then, Uncharted the first graphical showcase for the PS3 released. The game showed what the PS3 hardware is capable of and made a lot of doubters rethink their minds.  
After that, PS3 graphical dominance continued with games such as MGS 4, Killzone 2 and the recently released Uncharted 2, which blows the competition out of the water.  
Anyway, we have been discussing what are the reasons that prevent Xbox 360 games in delivering the same visual fidelity seen in PS3 games, and the conclusions of the discussion are:  
1. Xbox 360 disk format:  
DVD 9 format is preventing developers from creating: bigger environments without sacrificing quality, better overall experience and more badass graphics.  
2. Not every Xbox 360 console is loaded with a hard disk:  
Hard disk = More solutions for the developers.  
3. Too much focus on Unreal Engine 3:  
Resident Evil 5 does look better than Gears of War 2.  
4. Xbox 360 First Party developers are still using recycled graphic engines:  
Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Fable 2.  
While it's too late to fix some of the issues in this list like the lack of hard disk in every Xbox 360 console and the Xbox 360 disk format, the other issues can be resolved.  
So, that's our take on this. Have anything to share? post it in the comment section.  
Posted: 18/Oct/2009
nothing but truth ;) xbox doesn't have a gem that really stands out from the rest, if you look at Splinter cell & Alan Wake both games look graphicly the same and the games are still in development and don't even come near uncharted 2 graphics now many will disagree, and those people obviously didn't play Uncharted 2 ;) its the best looking console game out there
Posted: 18/Oct/2009
I wouldn't say RE5 looks better than Gears 2, too stiff
Posted: 18/Oct/2009
Lets see.... PS3 Games that are scary real.. Uncharted 2 Killone 2 God of War 3 Heavy Rain <-- Looks Like its a movie. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Lair Heavenly Sword Now for 360 Gears of War 2 Residennt Evil 5
Posted: 18/Oct/2009
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
Since when does Fable 2 use a recycled engine?
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
If you are only talking about visuals, than only your last two points are valid. The lack of HDD and DVD9 have little to nothing to do with graphics. Now, one could perhaps use the HDD and more disk space to improve graphics, but the title of this article is something along the lines of why 360 is not delivering PS3 visuals, and nothing PS3 has done so far needed a HDD or Bluray to do, thus could be done on 360 if developers stopped using UE3 as a crutch, and put a little more effort into getting top notch visuals out of 360 hardware. Its just not a priority for 360 developers, it was Sony who made grand claims about the graphical capabilities of the PS3, MS never made such claims, so they don't need to push its devs to prove anything. We do see more innovation in gameplay from 360 exclusives however.
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
I agree with all of your comments on which games look the best on the ps3 but if i read correctly none of you even mention Metal Gear Solid 4. Easily one of the best looking games out on the ps3 right now. And its a year old and it still looks amazing.
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
Is this article real? Seriously?
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
Much better ram set up? Really? 512mb pooled between gpu and cpu and with a speed of speed of 768mhz is better than ps3's 2 separate banks 256mb ram on its gpu and cpu? Bear in mind the speeds are 768mhz and 3.2 ghz. I can't say i agree with your statement
Posted: 19/Oct/2009
A hard drive is needed in every unit and a disc format with greater capacity. Both of which the PS3 has sold with every unit.