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Shenmue 3 will not work on current generation of consoles

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 15/Jul/2009
The first time I saw shenmue was on a tape called "what is Shenmue" that was after I had bought a Japanese Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure. after that, I had started to follow Shenmue news to know exactly when it will be released. At long last, Sega announced the Japanese release date for the game, and I had imported the game immediately in order to play what I considered to be the most anticipated game ever for me.  
Although I had finished the game multiple times without understanding the full story of the game (as I mentioned before I played the JP version), I had started to look forward to the US version to experience the game in its full potential. Though the voice acting in the US version was bad, I had enjoyed the game more because of my understanding of the story.  
I know that shenmue have a lot of annoyances and criticism like the drought of free battles, and the lack of fast forwarding time in the game. But the game was unique and epic at that time. So I had started to anticipate the sequel to see what Yu Suzuki (the creator of shenmue ) can do to improve the sequel.  
Sega announced that they will halt the production of the Dreamcast, and Shenmue 2 will be released in Japan and Europe for the Dreamcast and the US version will be released exclusively on Microsoft new console at that time, Xbox. Shenmue 1 had sold over one million copies on the Dreamcast and the sequel was not as successful as the first one.  
So you may ask your self why am telling you a history lesson about Shenmue and Sega? How Shenmue 3 will not work on current generation of consoles? Continue reading to find your answers.  
The first reason is the development cost of Shenmue was 70 million dollars as it was mentioned by Yu Suzuki, and if he wants to make the game on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or the Wii it will cost more than that, and it will be a very risky decision for Sega.  
The second reason is the poor sales of the sequel on Xbox, which is a big sign that the game will not sell well if Sega considered releasing part 3 on current generation of consoles.  
The third and final reason is new generation of gamers will not play Shenmue 3, why? Because they haven't played the prequels and the only audience that will play part 3 is Sega fanatics who had bought the Dreamcast.  
So these are my reasons for why Shenmue 3 will not work on current generation of consoles, but I have more questions for you folks to discuss, will you buy Shenmue 3 if Sega considered releasing it on Dreamcast with the same engine? Or how about releasing Shenmue and its sequel on Xbox live or PSN in an attempt of reviving the franchise before Sega and Yu Suzuki considers making part 3?  
Check real life shenmue video below  
Posted: 19/Dec/2011
Will shenmue 3 will be released for xbox 360 and Ps3 next year in 2012 in july if the japanese company decide too.
Posted: 20/Dec/2011
I would buy it on drop day shenmue is easly one of the best series i have ever played