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Top 5 game innovations this generation (for hardcore gamers)

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 09/Oct/2009
In a sea of mediocre videogames this generation, it's becoming a rarity for gamers to see something new or refreshing in the gaming industry. But truth to be told, there are some developers who are pushing for innovation and they always try to surprise gamers with new and unique features.  
We must see more innovations in our games; as video games developers do have more powerful consoles to work on than what was available in the past. As the title of this article indicates, this list is dedicated for hardcore gamers, so you will not see something like Wii Fit or Wii Play. Anyway, this is our list, but feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section, here we go:  
5. Mass Effect: Conversation wheel System.  
I love my game to have an epic story and I will be more than satisfied if the game presented its story in a cinematic way. BioWare intended the system to allow the game to be more cinematic and free players from reading large amounts of dialogue, as would be required with the commonly used system of simply having the player choose from complete, sometimes long, written statements.  
This system gave the player the feeling that he is really commander Shepard and he is the one in charge. Without this system, the epic moments in the game wouldn't have the same effect on the player.  
4. Fable 2: social activities in a RPG.  
What made Fable 2 a unique experience weren't the graphics or the awkward co-op mode; what made Fable 2 an extraordinary experience are some clever touches like the integration of the orbs system and the addition of the dog. But what has set Fable 2 apart from other games are the variety of social activities you can do in Albion; such as getting married and having kids, buying properties, having unprotected/protected sex and much more. Those features gave the world of Albion a lot of life, and made the exploration aspect in the game rewarding and exciting.  
While the social interactivity isn't something new in videogames, Fable 2 was the game that had implemented this feature the best. I hope that Fable 3 to expand those ideas and of course adding more clever touches.  
3. Gears of War 2: Horde Mode.  
I really enjoyed playing the campaign mode in Gears 2, but I had enjoyed playing the horde mode more than both of the campaign and the other multiplayer modes in the game. This idea isn't new (survival mode anyone), but all the credits goes to Epic games for taking an already known idea to the next level.  
Horde mode is all about fighting off waves of attacking Locust together, with each wave becoming more difficult. Describing this mode isn't as thrilling as playing it, but you must know one thing: this mode is addictive and a lot of fun to play.  
Since Gears 2 had introduced this mode for the first time, and a lot of popular franchises has been using the same formula (firefight mode in Halo 3: ODST, and Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty: World at War).  
2. Call of Duty 4: XP, Perks and unlocking new weapons.  
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare was the first FPS on consoles to truly compete with Halo 3 as the best place to play online matches. The game dethroned Halo 3 in numerous times from the number one spot of the most played games on XBL.  
The player's performance in the multiplayer mode is tracked with experience points, earned by taking down other players, completing objectives, or by being a member of a winning team. As the player gains experience, they advance in level, unlocking new weapons, perks, challenges, and gameplay modes. Since Modern Warefare introduced those features and it became something ordinary to see those features in every FPS game.  
1. Little Big Planet: Play, Create and Share.  
I always refer to LBP as the youtube of gaming. LBP is like a dream came true for user generated content lovers. With the exception of a little forced education, the creation mode is simple, startlingly powerful and, above all else, fun. I find myself losing hours at a time in the create mode. Also, the 2D side scrolling gameplay in LBP is fun and hilarious, and to get the most out of the gameplay, you must play the game cooperatively with your friends.  
As announced during TGS 09 by Kaz Hirai, there are over 2 million pieces of user-generated content in the game, which means it would take over 29 years to play it all. LBP has created a new Phenomenon in the gaming industry, and maybe it will take some time before we see a game as innovative as LBP.  
Posted: 10/Oct/2009
Wow, what an ignorant post.
Posted: 10/Oct/2009
mirrors edge? maybe red faction guerrilla? BF bad company? mirrors edge is a definate. gurillia and bad company have similar innovations (building destruction) but gurrilia has total destruction and was second ill put in a personal note for banjo kazoie nuts and bolts (with its awesome and extremely random vehicle builder)
Posted: 09/Oct/2009
I've seen pretty much all of these so called inovations in older games already.
Posted: 09/Oct/2009
I love how all these "Innovations", (Barring Call of Duty's genrebending) are just console versions of things that have been around for quite a while in PC gaming...
Posted: 10/Oct/2009
Mass Effect borrowed the system from Indigo Prophecy Fable 2 Social activities were also present at GTA (and they weren't such a blessing) Gears Horde mode was good, but L4D with it's similar survival game was better, and came together with a brilliant AI director Call of Duty 4 XP system is years old and was present in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory LBP's play-create-share concept was actually pioneered by two other games this generation: Halo 3 with it's games/maps/picture/video sharing, and Forza 2 with its car sharing and auction houses. So while all these innovations were nice, I believe other games deserve the credit for them.
Posted: 10/Oct/2009
Guy i agree with your other points but the last one saying LBP copied off halo 3 with forge? and forza 2, you are sadly deep into the world of xbox my friend. :( goodbye, we have lost you forever
Posted: 10/Oct/2009
Posted: 25/Oct/2009
Um, Halo 3's Theater mode? What else could allow everyday gamers to show off their content to friends without using an expensive capture card? What about Halo 3's Forge mode? (This was done on PC's originally, but Halo was the first game to port that feature to a console (successfully). BF:BC's destructible environments?