Lords of Shadow PS3 demo frame rate analysis

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 24/Sep/2010
Castlevania Lords of Shadow demo has been available exclusively for the European PSN+ users. The demo consist of the same gameplay segment we have seen from the last E3. The video below show an analysis for the demo and the results are the game is locked at an average 24.928fps with Min-Max:17.0-33.5fps with no screen tearing. The game visuals are looking superb and for an action adventure game it's a very good thing to know that the game doesn't have screen tearing. Check out the video below:  
Posted: 25/Sep/2010
The graphics are stunning. This is honestly one of the best looking games on consoles. Especially when you see some of the other footage that is out there on youtube, etc.
Posted: 24/Sep/2010
the graphics doesn't look superb
Posted: 24/Sep/2010
fucking amazing but GOW3 still seems better, dont u think?
Posted: 24/Sep/2010
No, i don't think.
Posted: 24/Sep/2010
Already got my collectors copy preordered and paid off. Looks better than GOW 3. I CANT WAIT!!!