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A new freaky Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Trailer

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 03/Dec/2009
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re imagining of the first game in the franchise. The game follows a similar plot to the original: the protagonist, Harry Mason, searches for his daughter, Cheryl, in the mysterious town of Silent Hill following her disappearance after a car accident that left him unconscious. The game is due to be released this month on the Wii on December 8th, and on PSP and PS2 on 12 January 2010.  
Posted: 07/Dec/2009
I'd say it is a great game... But this is NOT the silent hill I know... Climax messed up the silent hill series with their Silent hill zero, it was difficult, stupid, and was a game about the movie more than a true addition to the silent hill series once again they messed it up here... notice that we are in 2009... yet the graphics of the game is nothing compared to the old Silent hill 3 .. which was released on PS2 way back in 2003!! As far as I could understand from the trailers of this game, from the beginning of the game, Harry Mason will tell you "Hey! I'm lunatic... do you mind?". This was not the case in the original game. You would play through the entire game and wonder: "Is this a reality? is it a dream?, where am I ?" . But here; you already know that he is insane and he is living in his own dreams. and in the end.. he will wake eventually ... so... Team silent from Konami was the only one who can make a very good silent hill... and with no team silent around; The Silent hill series will be dead... and it will be another crash bandicoot tragedy
Posted: 03/Feb/2010
fantastic. silent hill series is my best horror game ever i love so much, but why they didn't release's it on xbox360 or PS3 !!.