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“Head tracking” in racing games: Action footage

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 10/Sep/2009
Polyphony Digital is on verge of introducing an extraordinary new feature for console gaming that could really have a major impact on the racing game genre by adding “Head tracking” system into GT5's feature list using the PlayStation Eye.  
While Head tracking concept is not new since PCs already have used this feature for racing sims for some time now using head tracking glasses, what was really new and special about Polyphony Digital announcement is the why they are using "head tracking" feature using the PlayStation Eye only.  
I think it's maybe hard for some of us to imagine how exactly the head tracking system can be utilized in racing games so I found this video maybe useful in explaining what the head tracking idea is all about and how it could be implemented on racing games and manipulate the “cockpit camera” in a fantastic way.  
Posted: 10/Sep/2009
Headtracking means, that the cam knows where your head is. If you want to accomplish sth like this in the video, you'll need specific tracking hardware like TrackIR (or Project Natal)
Posted: 11/Sep/2009
the video is not working by the way!
Posted: 10/Sep/2009
@wsdasda The video above is already based on TrackIR and I add it to help explaining the concept it self, and based on what Polyphony Digital stated it will be very similar to TrackIR but it wont be 1:1 head tracking because you will end up looking outside the screen, I think it will be based on slight head movements in the desired direction