Most wanted PSN online gaming features

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 01/Sep/2009
On May 15, 2006, at the PlayStation Business Conference, Sony unveiled their online service for the PlayStation 3, tentatively named "PlayStation Network Platform" with free online play. The full list of features available at launch was announced at their TGS 2006 press conference.  
Now the PSN is so much more improved and stable than the day it was first released and Sony also managed to add unique features like playstation HOME which is a dream that comes true for a lot of social life simulation fans and also a nice set of downloadable games available on the PSN store.  
Well, online gaming is where PSN really lacks, and I'm not claiming that PSN is not good enough, but undoubtedly it still needs lots of improvement at that reach, just check out the list below and you will probably find out that implementing one or more feature from this list can really improve your online gaming experience being a PSN gamer.  
Lately the Firmware 3.0 went live on the PlayStation Network, and while it provided a lot of general improvements to the PS3 as a console, the latest firmware lacked what PS3 gamers needs the most to improve their online gaming experience.  
Cross game chatting  
One of the most noticed PSN shorts is the lack of the cross game chat feature, Sony PS3 firmware developers is trying their best to invent any any other acceptable communication channels between PSN gamers, but I can assure you that they will never succeed because simply Sony's alternatives are all text oriented and I think we all agree that text chatting will never replace voice chatting even after they added the chat rooms where a small discussion to agree with your friends on which game you are planning to start playing online can take no less than ten text replies! VGarabia PSN lacks 5  
Online friends party  
Experienced online gamers can really grant the importance of this feature and how much pain in the ass it could preserve!  
Online gaming will never reach even near "bugs free" level due to the varied factors that any network depends on, and the fact that most of the online games sessions depends on one of the gamers inside the session "Host" who may simply switch off his console, and now WHAT? you will start gathering your friends again.  
Now simply with online party available, the PSN can treat all the party as one player, whenever you disconnect while matchmaking you can rejoin your party in no time and start searching for another game without loosing your time gathering your friends. VGarabia PSN lacks 2  
PSN Cards  
With all of the great content available on the PSN Store, PlayStation Network cards make a great gift for family or friends, but it's unfortunately not available everywhere, PAL region is still waiting and people who believes in "I Don't Give My Credit Card Online" still have to wait! PSN cards can give a huge push to the PSN Store sales figures specially that there are so many "other world" countries still not listed under the PSN covered countries list! VGarabia PSN lacks 6  
Online gaming zones  
One of the coolest XBL feature, which is also still missing at PSN is the ability to choose your gamer zone, which can easily helps in telling others the kind of player you are, and also it could be counted as another step that ensures you synch up with like-minded players when matchmaking and guarantee a much more enjoyable gaming expreince. VGarabia PSN lacks 3  
Games & Players Rating  
The ability of sharing your own rating for games is still missing on PSN, after all you can never find better rating source for your most anticipated games than gamers them selves and an average rating of more than 10000 users can really make your mind.  
On the same level we would be more than happy to if we could submit reviews about other players we played with, and I don't mean negative ones I mean both negative and positive reviews and later these reviews can help gamers in finding like-minded players when matchmaking, and also it may help the PSN and online games admins in discovering cheaters so quickly and minimize their interference level. VGarabia PSN lacks 4  
By reaching this point of the article you probably saying to yourself that this guy is just comparing the PSN with XBL, and he meant to mention everything above which are already available on XBL just to let the PS3 fans down, but let me tell you that this is not the truth.  
Before you start Criticizes me, I just want to say that the XBL also have it ups and downs, but it just seems like they listen to their players a little bit more, PSN gamers for example were requesting cross game chat for more than two years now and Sony's PS3 developers are still working on so many other features, despite the fact that some of these features seems much more technically complicated than cross game chat.  
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Posted: 01/Sep/2009
PSN cards are coming out this month in europe in £20 and £50 cards. Not all the countries straight away though. The feature that i probably want the most is a really good party system and in game music. I would also like but not use a lot is cross game chat, an advanced profile page with recently played game and about me section and i would like the friends list changed back.
Posted: 01/Sep/2009
@ Walker Man, whatever the reasons are.....they should hurry up!
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
Parties ruined xbox live. Ever since the party system was implemented every time I get into a game now nobody is talking. Everyone has a mic but they are all silent. This is a real problem when I'm playing call of duty on hardcore and I need to communicate with my mates
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
I agree with what you said....
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
I think psn only need cross gamechat partchat i dunno its ok with friends and all but it ruins the moment in cod 4 all the flaming is gone so yeah only cross game chat and pronto sony
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
@ kain If u had played on XBL before, you will undoubtedly discover the true value of online friends parties..
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
Editing comments now? (Admin) No man I just don't have time to fix it now, thanks anyways.
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
Im still waiting for the day that sony will realize what a failure the ps3 really is! All games run better on the 360. No partychat.. no crossgame chat.. Its like they are so full of them selves and their sony-pride that they do not see what really is needed.. More good games and better means of communication.. its so easy but still they put so much effort on producing a slim version? WTF!? Fix the friendssystem and the means to partychat with your friends.. who wants to chat with some random dude while playing? Sony get ur heads straight.. ur running out of time!
Posted: 02/Sep/2009
Huh? This article is definitly debatable. I have 360 and ps3 and first off the Online gaming zones should be removed. That feature is beyond useless. Next the player ratings...useless. I play on Live all the time and EVERYONE (idiots and sensible people) has 5/5 stars, so that doesn't help as well. The two best items are cross game chat and party play, but for me (and surely this dosen't apply to everybody) these features are useless. When I'm on live playing GoW2....everyone is just playing GoW2. I ask if people wanna switch to COD:Nazi Zombies, but not everyone wants to play that and some people don't own that game. Cross game chat is still the same...everyone keeps playing one game, and if I want to switch games, I play with different friends. The only item in this list that is 100% necessary is the PSN cards. Those should definitely be available in all regions.
Posted: 05/Sep/2009
I read on the playstation forums that the only reason they have not got cross game chat is because of EA. They do not want to patch their games and if Sony go ahead with cross game chat some of their games will become inferior to others, which of course would hurt EA's sales. So it's not really Sony's fault. =/ They have to get EA to agree on not pulling out of the PS3.