Far Cry 3 dated for all regions

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 16/Feb/2012
Ubisoft has announced the official release date for Far Cry 3 for all regions. The game will arrive in the US first on September 4 2012, in Europe on 6 September and finally in the UK on 7 September. Far Cry 3 returns the series to a tropical setting, similar to the first game. Players will assume the role of protagonist Jason Brody, a tourist who has been stranded on an island chain in the grips of violent local conflict for years. Jason has been separated from his girlfriend and, in his search for her, he will have to deal with a wide cast of mostly unstable characters who have been trapped on these islands for some time. The game will be released on PC, Xbox360 and PS3. Check out the amazing CG trailer for the game below.  
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