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PS3 motion controller named 'Move', new details surfaces

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 11/Mar/2010
At the Game Developers Conference 2010, Sony has finally unveiled the official name for the upcoming PS3 motion controller. Called 'Move', is a motion-sensing peripheral, which in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye Camera allows precise motion-controlled video gaming on the PlayStation 3.  
The Move can be paired with the "Subcontroller", a nunchuk-like device that sports an analog stick and d-pad, which allows the Move to be used with more "traditional" titles like first-person shooters or role-playing games. The Move will be available in three packages: a standalone Move (for consumers that already own a PlayStation Eye camera), a bundle that includes the Move and PlayStation Eye, and a hardware pack that includes the Move, PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console. Pricing details for the standalone pack and PS3 bundle are yet to be announced, but we know that The Move and the PlayStation Eye option will cost $99.  
In fiscal year 2010, Sony will release over twenty games dedicated to or that support the controller. The PlayStation Move will be released sometime this Fall.  
Posted: 10/Apr/2010
Is this serious? if it is I really hope it gets canceled. The reason I and most of the people I know bought a playstation was because it had nothing in common with the Wii. I don't know which is worse this or the Wii-mote. Wii-mote: +"original gameplay" +game compatibility -crappy sensorbar with poor detection. -poor motion detection from the mote itself. -needs motion+ to get decent detection. (I personally don't know how much this helps) -bad button layout. -wire between mote and nunchuck. PS3 ripoff-mote +no wire between mote and nunchuck. +button layout seems slightly better judging from the picture above. =how well will the motion detection work? (not expecting much) =will it need a sensor bar? (big + if no) =how well will games be compatible with this controller? -unoriginal/rip off -a light bulb...? (anyone knows what that is about?) I wonder if Xbox is still keeping a little sanity and won't join in on this they already have project natal which I don't think will be a success at least not for the hardcore/pro/full-time or just those above average gamers but who knows maybe its a big hit.