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What exactly is the teaser at Lionhead's website hinting at?

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 14/Aug/2009
By now, I think there is a huge portion of the gaming community have seen the teaser for Peter Molyneux next game at Lionhead website. Today the teaser was updated by a new quote, you can see it by clicking here. Here, I will discuss what may these teasers are hinting at.
When Peter Molyneux said that “games will produce best story ever told” and it will surpass Godfather movies, I wasn't sure at that time if he will be the one that will deliver this promise, as I still have my doubts about this matter.
Now we have two absolute methods in telling a story in videogames, the first one is interactive sequences, where the player do have the ability to interact with the environment while the story is being told. This method is presented in number of games such as Bioshock, and Half Life 2 . The second one is normal cut scenes, where the player don't have the ability to do anything other than watching the cut scenes, this method is used in a lot of games such as MGS games and FF games. Some games uses a mix between these two methods.
A lot of developers are trying to create new methods in telling theirs stories in videogames. One of the first developers to jump into the competition is Ubi Soft, which are doing a very good job in Splinter Cell: Conviction, as you can feel that they are very proud of theirs brand new “projection technology” which is displaying the story sequences and the game objectives on the environment objects.
I think Mr Peter have seen the feedback regarding the story of Fable 2 and I think he isn't pleased with the result. Am not saying that Fable 2 story was bad, the story was average with some excellent moral choices. At E3, project Milo was announced and it has created a lot of buzz. Mr Peter made a big deal about how the player will feel connected to the character Milo and how this game will create an emotional relation between the player and Milo.

Yesterday, we have seen the teaser and we have seen the quote from Che Guevara. There was some interesting words from the quote such as “risk, revolutionary, love” The question is, is Mr Peter is taking the risk to create a new story telling method to revolutionize the way we experience stories in videogames?
Whatever if he will show us a new game or new features from project Milo, I think it have something to do with how he is going to revolutionize the way we experience stories in videogames.
So what do you think? Will he be capable of doing this?
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