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Game Master UK: Bayonetta is the first truly next generation action game

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 19/Dec/2009
Bayonetta the highly anticipated action game from Platinum games has been getting some great review scores from the critics. Game Master UK has published another great review for Bayonetta in their Christmas issue by giving the game an excellent 93 out 100 score:  
"The first truly "next generation" action game and the standard everyone else has to follow. [Christmas 2009, p.70]"  
Check back tomorrow for our full review for Bayonetta. The game will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 5, 2010 in the US and three days later in the UK January, 8.  
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
is this some sort off sick conspiracy or what? I played the demo and it was above average but not great by any means. Why are we celebrating medicore bullshit which is above average at best. And talk about stealing ideas. First this rips of devil may cry to the bone, then dantes inferno decided to steal god of wars style, image, controls etc. Roll on god of war 3!! we need a breath of fresh air.
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
yeaH can't wait for DMC 5 ! that game gonna CRUSH Bayonetta !!!
Posted: 22/Dec/2009
god you seriously did not read what i said did you? you put it perfectly. "bottom line, the games design looks brilliant, does a game have to innovate to be fun and game of the year….NO!! it has to BE FUN. idiots" THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING. TTTTHHHHHHHEEEEE GGGGGGAAAAAMMMMMMEEEE IIIIIIIISSSSSSS RRRRRREEEEEPPPPPEEEEETTTTEEETTTTIIIIVVVVEEEE AAAAANNNNNNDDDD BBBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!! do i have to put it in huge 100 size font with flashing neon lights to get that through your thick skull? and saying heavenly sword sucked renders your opinion moot because heavenly sword certainly did not suck.
Posted: 23/Dec/2009
Good game but it really is overrated I would put it 8.5 BTW “The first truly “next generation” sure?? but why it has XBOX(the first one not the 360) graphs?
Posted: 28/Dec/2009
for me i play bayonetta demo ver i love it it's good games nice game play nice graphec but i prefer ninja gaiden2 as game play it.s fast also the AI is outstanding very challnging i know the game has techncal problem ^^
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
Bayonever is overrated, Heavenly Sword was the first truly next - generation action game and i doubt Bayonetta will even beat that let alone Dante's Inferno let alone God Of War 3.
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
Lol, Heavenly Sword? Is this some kind of joke? That game was really bad... I mean, the parts where you could actually play it. Just do yourself a favour and download Bayonetta's demo to see what a good game is all about!
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
The Bayonetta demo blew balls. It's a button mashing fest, which isn't a bad thing... but it's nothing new. They just threw dozens of combos so that you could have fun button mashing. I do like the combat though... and I would like the game... if they had built it around another character besides Bayonetta. She's so freaking lame. And to Joel... Heavnly Sword was awesome... you obviously never played it. It could have used more variety in the exploration... but the combat was top notch... probably the best this gen actually. Unlike Bayonetta, it WAS NOT just a button mash fest.
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
Joel, i doubt you've ever played Heavenly Sword. HS was amazing.....a little short but amazing. The combat was perfection. If you want to see what a GOOD game is all about then either pick up Heavenly Sword or wait for God Of War 3.
Posted: 19/Dec/2009
bayonetta is in a class of its own