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Take Two boss explains the lackluster sales of GTA 4 DLCs

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 18/Dec/2009
When Take Two and Microsoft struck a deal in 2007 that GTA 4 is getting two DLCs exclusively for the Xbox 360, everyone including Microsoft and Take Two were expecting a great success for these DLCs. But according to the sales figures for these DLCs, it seems that this wasn't what they hoped for.  
Take Two CEO Ben Feder thinks that the late release of the DLCs after the original game has caused the game to suffer in the sales department:  
"Both we and Microsoft believed there was a big market for GTA 4 episodic content and some factors affected their performance.  
Both were released significantly after the launch of the core unit and therefore weren't able to leverage GTA 4's initial marketing campaign and initial launch fervor."  
With the Lost and the Damned released after 10 months of the original, and The Ballad of Gay Tony after 18 months from GTA 4 initial release, I guess that what he claims about the reason of the poor sales for the two pieces of DLCs might be correct.  
Though he admits the poor sales of the DLCs, he has high hopes for better sales in the future for these DLCs:  
"There's very little precedent for this type of episodic content at the price point we offered it. And so we're confidant that these titles will continue to have a long life just as we've seen a long life from all of our other prior GTA releases."  
It's really a shame, considering that both DLCs are of high quality, especially the second DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony.  
Posted: 21/Dec/2009
i only found this website today but ive got to say im already pretty sick of it. not because of the the writing, the articles are actualy quite interesting, but the caliber of people who are commenting on here is fairly low, from what i can see its a bunch of moronic ps3 fan boys who like to suck JRPG dick and obviously have nothing better to do.
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
Yea, I didn't finish the original game... Why would I want the DLC?
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
I was actually in Gamstop two days ago picking up AC2 and I saw someone actually buying GTA4. Too bad it was a used copy. Hahaha fail. Should have released it for Ps3. I would have went and re-bought the game for it.
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
Perhaps it was because the initial GTA IV game was such a disappointment many players didn't bother to trust that the DLC would be any better. GTAs used to be default buy for me, reviews or not. After the utterly dull and tedious GTA IV, they'll have to seriously prove themselves before I'm interested in throwing any more money at them.
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
then put them on the ps3
Posted: 18/Dec/2009
Another reasonis that there was no DLC for the ps3 version