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Splinter Cell: Conviction new co-op and multiplayer details

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 14/Dec/2009
As the release date of Splinter Cell: Conviction is getting closer, we are going to see Ubisoft reveal more info on their upcoming stealth game. Anyway, here's new details on co-op and multiplayer for Splinter Cell: Conviction straight from OXM (Jan issue):  
• Archer and Kestrel are the new co-op characters.  
• Takes place about 2 months before Conviction.  
• Roughly 6 hours.  
• Cover system similar to Gears of War.  
• If you're wounded, you can either play dead or use your pistol until your partner heals you or you bleed out.  
• Deniable Ops (Multiplayer mode): Series of standalone challenges set within the same four stages from the co-op story mode, plus two additional maps:  
• Hunter: Where players have to kill off all enemy NPCs on the map.  
• Infiltration: Same concept as Hunter mode, but detection by enemies automatically results in failure.  
• Last Stand: Protect an EMP warhead from waves of attacking foes.  
• Face Off: The sole adversarial mode, with players going head-to-head with a costumizable number of A.I. Opponents populating the map.  
• You earn points through out the SP and MP.  
• Change your character look online.  
• Persistent Elite Creation system: Upgrade Weapons/Gadgets/Appearance.  
• Six Maps (four for the story co-op and two only for Deniable Ops).  
Posted: 14/Dec/2009
as long as there isn't no stealth, then it's all sweetness. Apart from Infiltration mode:/ but nice to have 4 co-op mode
Posted: 14/Dec/2009
Sounds cool although it sounds like they are going towards becoming more of a shooter. I hope the co-op moves are still there though. Cant wait to see some gameplay.
Posted: 14/Dec/2009
cant wait for this game, i was so gutted when they set it back from this year to next. though one question springs to mind. why does every single xbox 360 exclusive have co-op, and very,very few ps3 exclusive games have it. im yet to play a 360 exclusive that does not have co-op, but than out of the hundreds of ps3 games ive played only 5 or so have co-op. haze. rainbow six vegas 1,2. resistance 1 and online co-op on resistance 2. thats it. M$ got a patent on offline co-op or something do they? whats the point of the ps3 being able to have 7 controllers hooked up at once, when very,very,very few games support 2 controllers let alone 7. whats the point? come on sony, i want some co-op too.