The best videogames stories this generation

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Dajani 07/Aug/2009
Say what you want to say, one of the most important component in a good game is its story, sometimes you will play a game that did everything right except its story, after that you feel deep down inside your heart there is something missing in the game. I will not discuss the story lines for these games, so rest assure there are no spoilers in this article, here I will discuss what made the stories in these games so special.
Before you continue reading, I want all of you to know that I enjoy playing all genres. This is my list so you may agree or disagree. If you played a game with a good story and its not included in this article, please let us know by leaving a comment.
5. Braid on PC, Xbox 360 (Arcade):
Braid is a platform/puzzle video game developed by independent software developer Jonathan Blow. The game was released on August 2008 for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Arcade service, then it was released for the PC and a lot of PS3 owners are waiting the game to be released soon on PSN. What make the story in this game so special is the hidden messages in the game such as a tale of a faltering relationship, or even the development of the atomic bomb. The way the game let you progress in the game by revealing the mystery of the story bit by bit, plus the innovative gameplay features and the incredible soundtrack give an extraordinary feeling to the game story. Ah before you jump to No.4, the game feature one of the best game ending I have ever seen.

4. Mass Effect on Xbox360 and PC:
What made the story in Mass Effect so good isn't only the story itself, but how they delivered it by upgrading the dialogue system we used to see in a lot of games into something very innovative . I know this mechanic was done before in many games, but its the first time I have felt like am playing a movie and am the star of this movie. Also the moral choices is one of the best features in Mass Effect as it's really affect the story and the characters in the game.
I'm very excited for Mass Effect 2 and I want to see how my choices in the first game will translate into the sequel. If you love to play a game with epic story, innovative dialogue system and very well done moral choices you have no other choice other than Mass Effect.

3.Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3, Xbox360 and PC:
The game is set in a redesigned rendition of Liberty City, a fictional city based heavily on modern day New York City. When I had played GTA4 for the first time I felt like I'm playing inside a living breathing city.
In addition of the incredible game setting, you will play as one of the best game characters this generation. Nico Bellic is an illegal immigrant and veteran of the Bosnian war who comes to the United States in search of the American dream. In my opinion he is the best protagonist to be ever introduced in a GTA game. Nico Bellic will meet a lot of of great characters, each one of them will strike you with his personality. The combination of the game setting, Nico Bellic, plot twists, and the supporting NPC you will meet with them in the game make GTA4 story one of the best this generation.

2. Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360:
when Gooch said ""With Lost Odyssey I had a desire to make a game which could evoke the player's emotion. To pursue that desire, I decided to adopt my traditional style in game system rather than taking a risky attempt." I think he is really succeeded in delivering an emotional story that will make who played the game care for the game characters and their stories.
there are a lot of gamers who had played this game skipped the 1000 years of dream stories. Which will make the whole story less emotional. Lost Odyssey discuss a lot of different themes such as immortality, sadness, racism and much more. The game story explains why it's not good for a human being to live forever as he will witness a lot of pain and ugly things in his life. The combination of the 1000 years of dream stories and the game story itself plus Nobuo Uematsu music make Lost Odyssey one of the most emotionally charging stories I have experienced in a video game.
I hope Gooch next game will be announced in the upcoming TGS 2009.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3:
A lot of gamers has complained about the duration of the cut scenes in MGS 4, but when the cut scenes look as good as what we have seen in MGS 4 plus the game boost one of the most epic stories you will ever see, it's really show us how gamers are spoiled this generation.
MGS 4 finished the story for the saga without leaving a question in the series unanswered, you may not like how Hideo Kojima answered some plot details, but I can't imagine a better ending for the saga than what we have seen in MGS 4. You will feel a lot of emotions to the game main character Solidsnake as you will see him suffer through out the entire game.

There are so many memorable moments in MGS 4, I will not mention any of those moments because I want people who haven't experienced this amazing game to go and buy it now. But before you go and buy this game I recommend to who hasn't played any MGS game before to go and play the previous games in the series or to download MGS 4 database from the PSN before jumping in MGS4. Believe me, you will not regret the effort in diving into the MGS universe.
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
No Infamous? Meh.
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
I totally agree with No.1. @ Emeka I played both of infamous and prototype, In my opinion prototype story is much better than infamous.
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
Halo series 1 through 3 has told a pretty epic story as well. Fable and Fable II along with Oblivion was great story as well.
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
@ Trekster_gamer: Halo 3 story wasn't so epic, and regarding fable 2 story it was good at the end. I think the most disappointed feature in Fable 2 was its mediocre story.
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
I also played infamous and prototype and felt that infamous' storyline was much better. matter of opinion i guess. I'm surprised Bioshock isn't on here, I thought that game had a great, if simple, story
Posted: 08/Aug/2009
I couldnt of agree more with this post, Metal Gear 4 is epic in so many levels, the story gives Hollywood a run for its money, and just like a book; Metal Gear's story is best fit on a video game, rather then on film. The game will make just about the toughest jerk out there shed a tear or two.
Posted: 16/Oct/2011
Uncharted 2 best game of this current generation. Graphics, gameplay, story, humor, voice acting etc etc